Tuckaseegee River, Bryson City, NC

A new fly fisherman Marvin and I went out on the Delayed Harvest section of the Tuck in Bryson City, NC.  Marvin had previous experience fishing with spin cast equipment, but fly fishing was a brand new experience.  We spent a few hours going over the basics; equipment, leaders, wading, entomology, fly choices, and several casting techniques.  He caught on quick, and we practiced both nymph and streamer fishing techniques.   Within just a few hours Marvin caught his first trout  on the fly rod!  He went on to catch four more trout before I decided to leave him alone to practice what he had learned and to fish as he wanted. Fishing alone, he picked up two more trout.  His first day with a fly rod and he had caught seven trout and released all unharmed.  Tuckaseegee Fly Shop had a great sale on wading boots, and Marvin has started to build his fly fishing equipment arsenal. If you are in Bryson City, be sure to visit Dale or Bobby at their shop at 3 Depot Street, at the corner with Everett Street.

Hours on Water: 6

Fish Caught and Released:  Rainbow and Brook

Marvins First Trout - Copy


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