Curtis Creek, Old Fort, NC

Curtis Creek, just northwest of Old Fort, NC, offers a few miles of Delayed Harvest water, with several wild trout tributaries nearby.  My recent trip with two clients explored about a mile of Curtis Creek. Our morning started slow, but activity accelerated to mid afternoon. Quill Gordon’s were a good dry to use as an indicator, but brown and pale yellow nymphs trailing below was the winner for wild and stocked trout..  The larger fish are hanging low in the water column, and rolling stonefly imitations became very productive in pools mid-day and early afternoon.  The takes were soft, but a few large fish were about, and we had a monster break off to everyone’s dismay.  But we know where he lives now, and will be back soon.

Hours on Water: 5.5

Trout Cought and Released:  Rainbow and Brook

Curtis Creek Streamborn Rainbow

Streamborn Rainbow

Curtis Creek Stonefly

Monster Stonefly

Curtis Creek Stoneflies




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